Visitation Services

at Restoration Rome

Restoration Rome visitation services provide supervised visitation, parent education, and family reunification services for families referred by Juvenile Court and Division of Family and Children Services. 

Supervised Visitation

Services offered include progressive supervised visitation (center-based visitation, community life visitation, and in-home visitation), parent coaching, parenting classes, service coordination, case management, and referrals for other services. 

Parent Education Classes

The Parent Education Classes at Restoration Rome are twelve (12) week sessions.  Participants may not miss more than two (2) classes in order to graduate.  Participants are expected to attend and engage in each class and will be graded on performance. A Certificate of Graduation will be provided upon successful completion of the parent education class. 

Family Reunification Program

The Family Restoration Program promotes trauma-focused therapeutic services, trauma-focused parenting training, and on-going community support. The provision of these key services will help to sustain reunification efforts, break generational cycles of abuse and neglect, promote healing, and ultimately prevent re-entry into the foster care system.
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