Our Facility

Restoration Rome is a hub of services for vulnerable children and families located in the re-purposed Southeast Elementary School of Rome, Georgia. Our facility is central to Floyd County's “Community of Hope,” an under-served area of the community identified in collaboration with Casey Family Programs, Floyd County Division of Children's Services, Floyd County Juvenile Court, and the community at large.

The Restoration Rome initiative has 4 phases of build out. Each phase focuses on a different aspect of service provision related to child and family welfare.

Phase 1: The Comprehensive Care Center

The Comprehensive Care Center is a safe, family-friendly space with innovative programming designed to address the immediate and ongoing needs of children and families in state care. From early intervention to permanency and beyond, the Care Center provides the services and supports to promote family restoration whenever possible.

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Phase 2: The T.E.A.M. One Center

Together Everyone Achieves More

The T.E.A.M. One Center is home to numerous high quality service providers and child advocacy organizations committed to advancing the mission of Restoration Rome. Collaborative spaces encourage communication and reduce redundancy, leading to well-informed and cohesive service plans for families in need.

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Phase 3: Community Healthcare Center

The Community Healthcare Center at Restoration Rome provides accessible medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare to the community. Primary Healthcare, a leader in community-based healthcare services in Northwest Georgia, offers services on a needs-based, sliding fee scale, to ensure financial accessibility.

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Phase 4: Hope Street

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